Business Incubation

Business incubation is a highly developed service that requires skill and experience. The provider must be able to understand the key stages of a start-up company's development, from a business idea through to a growth business that offers real potential for economic value, and new jobs.

LESL's team has that almost unique skill in abundance. We operate and manage four incubators across central Scotland, as well as providing "virtual" incubation services to companies nationwide.

Years of experience means that we can provide the right space at the right time for potential high-growth start-ups, as well as for fast growing businesses who have proven their real potential but still need a helping hand.

And whether or not a company needs space, our team of advisers can deliver from a wide range of services - from business planning to new investment - often tapping into our network of clients, partners and other contacts who are willing and able to help.

LESL is an award winner in business incubation. We are rightly proud of that as we continue to strive to be the best incubation provider in the UK.